Exploring Guyana

"One People, One Nation, One Destiny"


Despite its small size, Guyana is a country filled with a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities.In fact, much of Guyanese culture combines African, Indian, Amerindian, British, Portuguese, Chinese, and Dutch influences. Its rich history combined with the many different types of people living there can be seen through the diverse foods, music, and dancing. Thus, Guyana's diverse background gave way to the country's national motto "One people, One Nation, One Destiny". Because of Guyana's extremely small size and population, many people are uninformed about its existence, and are quick to relate stereotypes and stigmas based on the ethnicities living there. While we may look either East Indian, African, etc, we have a distinct culture, making our country extremely unique. One of Guyana's most famous landmarks include Kaiteur Falls, which is the world's largest single drop waterfall by the volume of water flowing over it. In addition, there are also a variety of flora & fauna scattered among the country, including a whopping 675 species of birds. Many may speculate as to how the country's extrememly diverse population came about in the first place. After slavery was abolished in 1834, blacks moved into urban areas, leaving a high demand for workers in the sugar plantations. As a result, indentured servants from India were brought over to Guyana to work. This, as well as the combined European influences apparent in the foundations of this country, contributes to its ample heterogeneity of cultures and ethnicities.